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Tako Agency

We're a full-service agency committed to designing and developing RAD Shopify stores. We value teamwork, communication, + a sense of humor!

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Seeking Magicians

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Hi. Grace here, Creative Director. I've been tasked with setting up this company profile, and it was all going relatively fine until I got to this section. In a perfect world our Technical Director, Mallory, would be writing this--but she's TOO BUSY which is why we need to hire more developers. So, you get me.

The problem is, I am the CREATIVE Director. What I know about development could fit into a teaspoon. To me, you people ARE magicians. I have no idea what goes on back there, but Mallory's dev team brings my creative team's visions and ideas to life. Without you, it stays in InVision forever. 

Okay, here are more pertinent details:

Our dev team is headed by Mallory, a Shopify expert and former Guru. They are responsible for implementing designs into Shopify stores, squashing bugs, and finding creative solutions to challenging problems. As a fully remote team, communication skills are incredibly important, as is organization and following workflows and procedures. In exchange, we offer flexible hours, interesting projects, a fun, supportive team, and the chance to learn and grow from real Shopify experts.

Stacks on Stacks on Stacks

Our primary focus is the Shopify ecosystem and integrations, including app development. 
We also have our hands in the mobile app world and custom integration solutions.

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Shopify Developer

Tako Agency No office location

11d ago
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B2B, E-Commerce, Mobile Application


11–50 employees









Company Benefits

  1. Work-Life Balance is strongly encouraged!
  2. We all have a sense of humor + enjoy having fun.
  3. Opportunity to grow + learn from Shopify experts.
  4. We genuinely care about our team + build strong bonds over time.
  5. NO COMMUTE! Work from home, wherever you are.