Restaurants, bars, cafes -- Your friend in the Industry.
  • 1-10 employees
  • VC Funded
  • Founded 2013

Reshaping an industry

Tateslist is a service focused on enabling restaurants and bars to succeed in their business. We provide tools and services to the industry that enables all participants -- vendors, suppliers, distributors, staff, and ownership -- to work together more efficiently.

We are building mobile, web and API services that are fundamentally improving the industry. We are simplifying complexity, eliminating noise and waste. We are going deep, staying hyper-focused, and constantly measuring and evaluating.

Our customers run the gamut -- from corner dive bars to elite restaurants that are known the world over. Every day, we acquire multiple new customers and help them to integrate with suppliers, distributors and vendors that help them build and grow their operations.

Each day at Tateslist brings something new. We get to see, first-hand, how strategically simple tools and services can make our customers' lives much easier; when that happens, their chances of success increase. We already have testimonials, and we're not even live yet!

Making a real difference

We build tools and services for our customers. We're focused on addressing their needs in an industry that sorely needs an upgrade.

Bars and restaurants have significant challenges in becoming a viable business. 1 of every 4 restaurants or bars will close within 12 months of opening. 3 of every 5 will close or change hands within 3 years. We're looking to improve those odds.

We're not creating complex technology, nor are we re-packaging off-the-shelf systems. We are simply building the right technology for our customers.

Open source zealots

We are an open-source shop, but in reality we're technology-agnostic. We just use the best tools for the job as they are simply a means to an end. While "best" is subjective, that translates to being open-minded as we grow our company. We have a very elastic architecture and design for failure and scale from the ground up.

The qualities we see in those who succeed in our environment:

  • Engaging - we focus on a niche market, and come at problems from our customers' point-of-view. While everyone says that, we actually hold that POV; we have former bartenders, servers, cooks and restauranteurs on our staff.
  • Flexible - multiple hats? At a bare minimum. "Full stack" is just another way of saying you know more than one thing.
  • Productive - we are growing, rapidly. Our business acceptance rate is phenomenally high. "Firing on all cylinders", "hitting the ground with your feet running"...those old cliches are very applicable.

What about technical skills?

Familiarity with our technical stack is important. If your background is in Java or Ruby or .Net or PHP or (pick-a-stack), it can translate to our environment...but that depends on you. Conceptual understanding of computer science principles doesn't get the job done; best practices and understanding the nuances of a given stack (they all have them) are important to hold.

We have great benefits

Flexible hours

The best equipment

Health insurance

LGBT friendly

Great chairs (they matter)

A great team


2510 Fairview Ave East
Seattle, WA 98102