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This is a "people first" company

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New technology and innovation sit at the core of Telia Company, and we create the new generation of artificial intelligence, robots and conversational technology. To stay ahead in this area, we need to attract the best people in the industry. As we don´t know exactly what technology will look like in the future, we look for personalities that fit our culture. This is as important as having the right skill set.

We want to welcome you to your next big opportunity. We know that our people want the responsibility to pursue their own path towards this opportunity and to be part of a workplace where they feel a strong sense of belonging. Our culture is based on three values, Dare, Care and Simplify. These values in combination with our strong purpose, to bring the world closer, enable us to deliver extraordinary digital experiences. We want you to be part of that.

Enjoy our developer culture 

We have an open and inclusive work culture, with inspiration from Scrum and Sociocracy 3.0. We use various developer forums to agree on the way forward for establishing new frameworks or technologies. The evaluation of new frameworks and technologies is often done as experiments, in which the team or the developer who has identified a certain need runs the experiment and then presents the findings in the forum. 

We have people and teams at Telia with a wide range of skills, and often competencies overlap. There are front-end developers, back-end developers, full-stack developers, business analysts, dev-ops specialists, scrum masters, agile coaches, testers, architects and much more. 

Come with us into the future

We want to become even more data-driven. It's all about tracking the sales, examining the use of different functions on the web and following the technical status of response times and availability for the different microservices in the application. We are also starting to build some of our applications in a public cloud. As you enter the cloud, there are so many new alternatives and opportunities. 

Since we have gone from some 100 releases per year to thousands and the process has become increasingly automated, we have also automated various security activities. This effort can be summarized in the word "DevSecOps", and it is an important and exciting area. We also work a lot in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) areas. Here, we look at how we can deploy new models in our ci / cd pipeline and at what we can call our "ecosystem" for microservices. Moreover, we examine which tools are suitable for our environments. We´re leaning towards using open solutions as Tensorflow and Keras, although we are still in an evaluation phase. 

Meet our people: Solution Architect Robert Höglund, at Telia Company Platforms & Architecture

What kind of technical opportunities do you get in your job?

"That will vary enormously depending on which team you are in. In our "Platform & Tools" team, for example, we work to automate our processes for building, testing, deploying and monitoring. This includes selecting tools, implementing support for automatic deployments and so on. The goal is "zero downtime, zero customer impact", and by that we mean that we should be able to deploy changes at any time without causing any disturbances for the customers. This is the opportunity I love, to work in different teams with various technologies. The variation and the challenge suit me."

 Telia has a long history, how do you stay at the forefront of development?

"Telia may be a large company with a legacy, but we have modernized in a way that you mostly see among small companies, or even in start-ups. We do work a lot with start-ups. There are challenges with older systems, as everywhere, but when it comes to our online applications it is a completely different matter. We truly do stay agile, to exceed our customers' expectations. Challenges often arise when it comes to syncing the release and the launch of new functions that span across several systems, but we work with technologies such as feature toggles, canary releases and dark launch and shadow traffic." 

What do you enjoy in your job at Telia?

"The wide range of tasks I have in my role as an architect. One day I might discuss the development of new products and services with the one of the stores, and another day I could be working on tuning the performance in one of our databases. Also, we constantly want to improve our delivery process. I like that ambition."


Our developer technology alone is reason enough to join us

We have recently introduced a new technology stack. It consists of Kubernetes, Docker, Java and Spring Boot on the back-end. Front-end we prefer vue.js when we build from scratch, but we also have existing pages and applications based on other front-end frameworks, such as Angular. 

The reason for us choosing to build microservices is that it contributes to a fast and efficient development process. We use Java and Spring Boot because we have a tradition of working with Java and that there is a wide community for developing in Java and Spring Boot. This of course boosts efficiency in the development, operation and monitoring of large, complex systems. 

The transition to microservices is exciting, because you move a lot of the complexity from build time to runtime giving our various teams the opportunity to work more autonomously. But it also puts greater demands on tools for automated deployments, monitoring and troubleshooting. 


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Telia Company - Gothenburg, Sweden
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Telia Company - Vilnius, Lithuania
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High response rate

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Software Development, Telecommunications, Web Development


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Company Benefits

  1. Large and impressive technology stack
  2. State-of-the-art technology and workspace
  3. Open, relaxed and fun working environment
  4. We have a huge network of developers and run Hackathons twice a year
  5. Competitive work time shortning which enables work/life balance
  6. Competitive Parental leave
  7. Permanent contract with competitive salary including yearly bonus
  8. Corporate discounts with external partners and at our own services
  9. Extended wellness, massage and fitness support
  10. + 19 000 awesome colleagues across the Nordic & Baltics