Telnyx LLC

Ultra-performant, highly scalable, geo redundant communication APIs and services

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We're at an exciting phase, and our challenges will bring you to the bleeding edge of distributed systems. We're doing groundbreaking work in the communications space, and our challenges are highly technical.


Telnyx is a new kind of phone company that delivers communication via an e-commerce and API platform experience. We currently provide voice connectivity to high volume businesses and developers over a geographically distributed virtual network.

What we work with

We use a cutting edge stack and seasoned developers to build high volume telephony APIs and products. 



Telnyx LLC




11–50 employees






Company Benefits

  1. The best health and dental insurance money can buy.
  2. A competitive salary and options package.
  3. Opportunities to be creative and take on leadership responsibilities.
  4. Company pick up and delivery laundry service from the office.
  5. A budget to purchase books & attend conferences.
  6. Top notch gear: dual-monitors, ssds, lots of ram.
  7. Steelcase Airtouch® desks and Leap® chairs.
  8. Our fridge is fully stocked with healthy food by Peapod weekly.
  9. We provide access to a gym & supply everyone with a Fitbit®.
  10. Delivery laundry service