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The Distance | App Developers

Yorkshire's leading based creative agency, developing mobile app solutions on iOS and Android (UK)


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We are experienced

We’ve been developing apps since the launch of the first iPhone, and our extensive portfolio of brands - including household names and world famous companies - speaks for itself.

We are specialists

Our apps are built in-house in our York office by a highly specialised staff whose skill sets guarantee quality and excellence are at the heart of each project.

Our sole service is native app development on iOS, Android and Windows tablets and phones. Dedicated developers on each platform ensure delivery of the best quality user experience.

We are here for you

Our team are on hand through every stage of the process to ensure your complete satisfaction. We are a credible and independently stable partner in business; our name comes from the promise we make at the beginning of each client relationship.

We’ll go The Distance

About Us

The Distance was founded following the launch of the first Apple iPhone in 2009 and has been focused on native app development ever since. With over 100+ apps to our name we are proud to say we are one of the leading development companies in the UK - veterans of the app industry if you will. Our skills have seen us developing for all the major platforms including AppStore, Play, Amazon Kindle, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

With a dedicated team of (York) UK based app experts ranging from creative designers; specialist developers; and personable project/account managers we have the skills to deliver amazing app solutions. Our focus is native app development for both Apple iOS and Google Android which ensures users have the best possible experience with our software. Bespoke in-house frameworks ensure robust and effective development stages.

Our proven app development process has been battle tested and is continuously improved to ensure the most efficient project lifecycle. A hybrid system inheriting the best practices of both waterfall and agile techniques. The streamline workflow ensures the quality, stability and usability of all apps we develop. Beginning with a MVP and continually iterating releases, we can deliver a long term and engaging solution for your users.



Mobile, Mobile Application, Wearable Electronics


11–50 employees







Company Benefits

  1. Well specced Mac Mini
  2. Central York Location
  3. Dual HD Monitors
  4. Amazing Office Environment
  5. High Speed Broadband
  6. Flexible Working
  7. Latest Technology
  8. Competitive Salary
  9. Discounted Gym Membership
  10. Pension