TIM Group

TIM Group operates the world’s leading alpha capture platform and network.
  • 51-200 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2002

We’re not a bank or just your average fintech firm

We’re technology, we’re financial services – but we’re not a bank or just your average fintech firm. We don’t believe in a single right way of solving the complex business challenges we encounter every day.

We take an extremely flexible approach to our work, with the emphasis very much on a smart, non-dogmatic approach to ‘agile’ software development – unlike many of the financial services giants. We’ve built up a team of in-house experts, drawn from a broad range of disciplines, and our senior management team have held key roles in many of the industry's top institutions. Our people combine exceptional technological development and execution with knowledgeable, intelligent consultancy and support, and a forensic attention to detail. Above all, our people are committed, motivated and love what they do.

Open and supportive

Everyone at TIM Group is given the opportunity to showcase their talents and abilities. Although we’re enjoying rapid growth, we’re small enough for individual contributions to make a real difference. We’re always open to new ideas and will provide the support you need as you explore new and better ways of delivering what our customers need. Our open-plan offices encourage collaboration and interaction among the team, including senior managers, who are available on the floor for anyone to consult. In fact, you can expect to meet at least one of our founding partners during the recruitment process.

In order for us to grow, we need you to grow.

In order for us to grow, we need you to grow. That’s why we’re committed to ongoing training for all TIM Group employees.

When you first join the company there’s a steep learning curve. How much you progress and how quickly is very much down to you.

All staff are encouraged to attend industry events to keep abreast of current trends and developments.

Our developers are encouraged to contribute to open-source software and are invited to attend coding events of various kinds, which are regularly hosted and organised by TIM Group.

We also hold lunchtime training sessions, where any member of the team can give a five-minute ‘lightning talk’ on a relevant topic of their choice. As with all our ‘extra-curricular’ activities, these are entirely optional but strongly recommended.

Why not visit our Developer Blog for a taste of recent talks on the latest technical subjects?

Our Technologies

Our systems are written in primarily in Scala and/or Java, with associated web technologies such as Javascript and CSS. We persist data primarily in MySQL and/or MongoDB. We connect systems via REST endpoints, Google protocol buffers, and/or asynchronous message queues. We use and contribute to open source technologies (including Tomcat, Hibernate, and MySQL).

We have great benefits

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3 Copthall Avenue,
London, EC2R 7BH
101 Arch Street, Suite 1765,
Boston, MA 02110,
3 Columbus Circle, Suite 1609
New York, NY 10019
9/F Workstation,
43 Lyndhurst Terrace Central,
Hong Kong