TimePlay Inc

  • 11-50 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2004

TimePlay is capitalizing on the worldwide consumer demand for interactivity through its patented platform and unique content. The company has advanced and expanded the existing world of interactive media to larger, more robust and socially engaging venues such as cinemas, live theater and casinos—parlaying huge existing audiences and infrastructure into a completely new entertainment experience.

TimePlay’s CineLynx platform allows hundreds of consumers to play interactive games together in the same venue. Players interact using wireless handheld consoles with intuitive touch-screen controls. Games are played individually and in teams, providing an immersive, social entertainment experience where whole audiences play together in the same game. Each player uses a wireless client, which communicates with a central server to run the game logic and multi-media aspects of the show.

The platform also allows locations to be networked so the audience can play games nationally. The system provides multiple layers of interactivity, including player to player and connects with online and mobile platforms, which enriches and extends the experience. The TimePlay platform transforms gaming to a new social experience.

The company has built a world-class executive team with relevant experience in Gaming, Hollywood Entertainment, Exhibition and Emerging Technology. TimePlay has offices in Toronto, Los Angeles and London.

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