We are an international high-tech company who provide services to customers all over the world. We excel in R&D and engineering.

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Our Tech Stack


Software Development / Engineering, Test & Integration, Data Science, Robotics, Electronics

TMC Software is an innovative engineering and consultancy company active in the market of complex system development in High-Tech, Healthcare and Automotive domain. We believe that people are the driving force behind technological innovations. Our Employeneurship model is therefore aimed at facilitating you to bring out your best. Our highly educated ‘Employeneurs’ sharpen their technical skills by working on multiple challenging projects in the fields of advanced machine control, mobile & web application development, embedded system design for high tech companies. In addition they work on their soft skills with a personal coach, professional training and education and, of course, by having drinks with peers in our company bar and share knowledge and interact with each other during our frequently organized pizza-sessions or other events.


Company Website Computer Software, Software Consulting, Software Development / Engineering 1k-5k people Founded 2000 Private

Company Benefits

  1. Permanent contracts
  2. Individual profit sharing
  3. Annual training budget and individual coaching sessions
  4. Business Cells organization structure
  5. Participate in TMC Entrepreneurial Lab
  6. Challenging projects in your work area
  7. Many different kinds of Technical & Social Events
  8. Choose your own projects and development, realize your own ambitions
  9. Excellent mobility budget or company car
  10. Our own bar in the office with different beers available