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2 weeks ago

What does a day as developer actually look like?


31 weeks ago

The TOPdesk in-house day for developers is the perfect opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at TOPdesk. Curious what it is like to work as a software developer at TOPdesk? Sign up for the development in-house day, November 13 in Delft, the Netherlands.

Welcome to the world of TOPdesk

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"Do you like to deploy accessible, security scanned, code reviewed, maintainable software in a matter of minutes to millions of users all across the globe? Then TOPdesk is the place for you!"

Personal development? Check. Room for error? Check. Share all our knowledge? Check.

At TOPdesk we have an open and informal culture, where you’re free to be who you are and most importantly: experiment with your creative thoughts. In the Product Development department, developers, cloud engineers and product owners/managers work together to build great software. We are grouped into product cells, each cell focusing on a specific area of our software. A product cell is composed of several development teams. We use Scrum, so development teams are cross-functional: programmers, testers, designers, and a product owner. The development teams work closely together with cloud engineers to deploy their new functionalities to our data centers. Want to learn new things or develop something that will make life easier for you and your colleagues? Your workweek includes 10%  ‘Apenkooien’. Learn a new framework, language or new, awesome technologies! 

We organize monthly updates about what’s to come next and lessons learned. And that's not all! Because the software is used all over the world, we make functionalities for different branches. Therefor, you will be in weekly, if not daily, contact with developers from the German, Dutch and Hungarian office as well. We want you have the freedom to visit several conferences a year, like Devoxx and Javaland, to upload more brain knowledge. Next to that, you get can access your personal training budget provided by TOPdesk and also the possibility to tap into the TOPdesk Academy. We visit several conferences a year, including Devoxx and Javaland.  

So, what do we make? At TOPdesk we make service management solutions. It’s an interesting, ever changing field that merges human service with excellent software. We have over 4000 customers all around the world using our software, and more than 10 million individual users daily. They are using our Self-Service Portal for example, to answer their own problems or request a new laptop. We’re are taking the lead with our service management solution, to make this Self-Service Portal accessible for everybody, regardless of (dis)ability. 

Obviously, Development is not the only department at TOPdesk. We work closely with Sales, Consultancy and Support to learn more about how our customers work and how we can make life easier for them. Customers that vary from universities to hospitals, from National Government to international facility organizations. 

"TOPdesk is getting more and more users, so one thing we keep learning is how to monitor and troubleshoot large-scale systems. This is a challenge that I enjoy a lot, and every day I get interesting problems to solve with my team. One more thing, I really like the inclusive culture at TOPdesk: I’ve always felt welcome as a woman programmer and many of our teams are multi-national."

About the team 
At TOPdesk, all developers are part of a scrum team. Programmers, designers, testers and scrum masters are part of these scrum teams. You will work from your backlog and deliver something meaningful, maintable and extensible each sprint. Through your team backlog you can influence TOPdesk as a product. How cool is that?  

🐒 Monkeying around
'Monkeying around’, or Apenkooien. What this means? Spending 10% of your time as a developer on something you can choose yourself, as long as it makes you or TOPdesk grow. Learning and educating yourself is a big part of your job at the development department. That’s why we encourage you to take this ‘Apenkooi’-time to perhaps study for certifications such as OCP or an online course on Coursera or Stanford. Functional programming? Machine learning? Algorithms or business strategies? Nothing is too crazy! What about building a tool that will make your daily working life easier?  

🌎 International collaboration 
Since TOPdesk is an international company, you will work with developers from all Europe. So, where is everybody operating from? The TOPdesk development headquarters is in Delft, The Netherlands, with short lines to the development teams stationed in Tilburg, Kaiserslautern and Budapest. We have monthly updates together to check-in with all the different teams, see what everybody create and what direction we’re going in.  


The code part

We like to think outside the box. We have very intelligent and creative developers who learn new things every day. Including technologies and languages. Do you have a specialty or an ever growing hunger for new knowledge? You will fit right in here at TOPdesk.

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Job Openings

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Software-Developer (m/f/d)

TOPdesk Kaiserslautern, Deutschland

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Frontend-Developer (m/f/d)

TOPdesk Kaiserslautern, Deutschland

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Cloud Engineer with an knowledge of Azure

TOPdesk Nederland BV Delft, Netherlands

  • 24d ago
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Java Developer with a lot of freedom in your job

TOPdesk Delft, Netherlands

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Experienced Java Developer with a lot of freedom in your work

TOPdesk Budapest, Hungary

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First UX Researcher of TOPdesk

TOPdesk Nederland BV Delft, Netherlands

  • 28d ago
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  • €26k–54k
  • Limited remote


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Company Benefits

  1. Challenging work to build software that is used by many people
  2. Work with the latest tech stack and learn every day
  3. Monkeying around and the freedom to specialize
  4. Flexible and agile working
  5. Daily lunch with bread, hot meals, salads & fruits and Friday drinks
  6. Awesome colleagues around the world and teamwork is important
  7. International career: work with (or at) other TOPdesk branches
  8. Casual dress code: shorts, fip-flops, tshirts.. Just be you!
  9. Education, training budget and language courses
  10. One of the best employers in the Netherlands