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An elite group of software development professionals that live and work remotely in the USA & Canada.

Award Winning Model for Developers

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Our people have a real sense of belonging to a super talented all-star team that fosters a healthy and fun level of competition. Highly intelligent developers demand to work with high functioning teams - otherwise, they leave. We also let our people work anywhere in the US & Canada and the cost efficiencies we gain by this model we pass to clients to compete better in the market. 


People. Proposition. Performance.

We know great developers are in high demand. We let you live and work where you choose, rather than forcing you into an office.

We target complex software development projects on a temporary basis. We know you love a challenge and variety!

Having a steady stream of great talent and a reputation for delivering complex software solutions at any point of the software development lifecycle adds great value to our clients and is also very rewarding for people like you. 

That's the secret sauce behind our People, Proposition and Performance award-winning model.

Watch CEO - Ashkan Rajaee Explain the TopDevz model in under 6 min.

Our Tech Stacks

As a top tier software consulting, we work with a very wide variety of technologies. We tackle projects across web, mobile, desktop, and cloud.


Job Openings

High response rate

This company responds to the majority of applications it receives.





Agile Software Development


51–200 employees




Company Benefits

  1. Live and Work from anywhere in USA or Canada
  2. Competitive Compensation
  3. Friendly Work Environment
  4. Interesting and Challenging Projects
  5. Incredible Colleagues
  6. Project Variety and Industry
  7. See your family more by working remotely
  8. No commute