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  • Finance, Personal Information Management
  • 11-50 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2012

About Trov

Trov is insurance, reinvented.  With a simple swipe on your phone, you can easily turn protection on or off, protecting just the things you want, exactly when you want.  If something unfortunate happens to your things, you get reimbursed in minutes... not days or weeks.  Trov also automatically organizes important information about the things you’re buying, like receipts & warranties, and backs it up in the cloud so you always have it when you need it.  At Trov, we’re dedicated to making protecting the things you own as simple and flexible as possible, so you can spend your time enjoying them without having to worry about confusing fine print and contracts.

Our team

Our company’s leadership includes CEO Scott Walchek (Macromedia, C2B, Baidu, DebtMarket), CTO Jim Gemmell (Microsoft Research; author of Your Life, Uploaded), Chief Strategy Officer Mark Dowds (Band of Coders, BrainPark, ServiceCloud), Dane Howard (eBay, Microsoft, Designworks) and GM of Trov Insurance Platforms Sean O’Donoghue (Dreamworks, MSG, Oracle).  We have an outstanding distributed team of engineers coming from diverse backgrounds, previously working on large-scale online services for top software companies.

Software development

We’re quite proud to score 12/12 on the Joel Test and value continuous learning / improvement, open-mindedness, and dedication to excellence. Our ecosystem presents plenty of interesting challenges: from cross-device syncing to fine-grained security, from data warehousing to scalability.

For client development we use the native tools for iOS (Objective-C/Swift) and Android (Java). The server is written in C# with MySQL and MongoDB for storage and data warehousing. The web portals use Node.js and/or AngularJS with the entire infrastructure hosted on AWS. We are flexible, iterate quickly, and focus on securing private data while providing our customers with a great experience.

Our team isn't just talented - we're fun and we're a family. Read our About Us ( to find out who is punny, who likes adventure, and who likes napping. Also check out our own thoughts about working here on our Glass Door profile (

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