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We use the phrase 'we're a tech company that does Real Estate' to emphasize how important engineering is to the company. Engineering is the team that drives our apps, tools, data, and interfaces forward. This attitude comes not only from engineers, but from our CEO and other top management. They believe in us.

Why work at Trulia?

We have awesome problems to solve.

The housing market provides a fantastic blend of problems. We need creative people to help us combine the data about every address in America with the soft side of helping people find a home that makes them feel safe, happy, and comfortable.

Stability is wonderful.

We're that rare company that holds the culture of its startup roots, while blending in the sanity of a regular work schedule with an emphasis on work/life/family balance.

How we work:

The engineering team is about 100 people, and we break into small teams of 2-4 to focus on specific projects. We release weekly, but new features are always under development and often span releases. Our local QA team writes automation tests and does hand testing of your features, working with you to ensure that only high quality code gets to production. Organizationally, we're pretty flat, though you'll have a mentor with whom you'll have weekly 1-on-1 meetings, to review code, exchange ideas, and ensure we're doing everything we can for you to thrive in your role.


What you'll work with

Our base web stack is LAMP and that rides on top of Solr/Lucene, Hadoop, Memcache, Python, Couchbase, Open Street Maps, and more. On the client-side, we use jQuery for its simplicity, and JS libraries like d3.js, Raphael.js, and Google’s

We use the standard Android framework with ActionBarSherlock and Android support library for UI consistency and device accessibility. We start with great user experience, ensure app stability, and focus on performance and code readability.

We utilize open-source libraries like AFNetworking, BlockKit, SDWebImage, Nimbus and more to optimize our code. We also love GCD, Blocks, NSOperations, and all the native goodness that the iOS SDK provides to help make our apps more awesome.

We use ANT with Jenkins for our continuous integration. We release frequently and are working with Robolectric and Android uiautomator for testing. We are always looking for new performance tools and optimization techniques to enhance our apps. If there's something that's a good idea for the team, we'll do our best to implement it.


We have great benefits

Uncapped vacation time

100% paid PPO plan

Hack Week - Innovate!

Stocked Kitchens (& Kegs)

401K Matching

All IDEs welcome

Aeron, lots 'o monitors, standing desks

People you like to see every day

Happy Hours & Celebrations

Unbeatable SOMA location

Who you'll work with

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116 New Montgomery Street, San Francisco, 94105