Discover unique art & photography from people around the world.
  • 11-50 employees
  • VC Funded
  • Founded 2011

About Us

We're building the world's premiere photography marketplace and community. Our flagship product allows users to buy and sell Instagram photography as beautiful art.

We're usually in the office from mid-morning to early evening, and it's always exciting. Our product team is brainstorming about new features, our developers are giving their input and solving tough problems, our operations team is shipping incredibly high-quality products across the globe, and we're engaging millions of people.

Why Should You Work Here?

We're a tight-knit team. We work and play together, day in and day out. When we're not crunching the numbers and solving tough problems, we play volleyball and poker, drink great beer, go sailing, and crank only the best tunes throughout the office.

We're going to ask for your input on the product and code from the moment you step into our office. It's likely that you'll be building on a key feature within your first couple hours of being here. Don't worry, though - we've got the smartest team in town to help you. Hopefully you can teach us a few things, too!

Rails on Heroku with a huge MySQL database!

Web serving: Ruby-on-Rails 3.2 (Ruby 1.9.3) & jQuery, running on Heroku. Redis is used for storing transient user data (sessions), some caching is done through Memcachier. Using Slim templates, SCSS (& asset pipeline), Devise/Omniauth. Amazon S3/Cloudfront for storing/serving static assets (images, js/css).

Persistent data storage is done with MySQL on RDS. Background queue processing uses Resque workers running on Heroku. Heroku auto-scaling is done by hirefire.

Automated testing is done with Capybara & Rspec.

We have great benefits

Competitive Cash Compensation

Significant Equity

Health Insurance? Totally.

Flexible Hours

Need Vacation? Take Vacation.

Pick Your Own Gear

Lunch Is On Us

You'll Love Coming to Work


1207 4th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90401