Turn data collection into an experience.

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What’s the future of online data collection? Will it be voice? How will machine learning play a role? Is there a place for augmented reality? What about holographic technology?

At Typeform, these are some of the questions we’re grappling with. Why? Because we want to be the best at conversational data collection. That means lots of experimentation. And it means working on problems that don’t exist—yet.

Do tough challenges bring out the best in you? Do you have an innovative edge? Are you a pragmatic thinker? Do new technologies excite you? If so, let’s talk.

Typeform is leading the future of conversational data collection. Shape the industry with us—and help make the web a little more human.

We’re now a team of around 200 people pushing Typeform forward, and today we’re going to start our own revolution. At Typeform we love what we do and are constantly thinking outside the box. We are a group of ambitious and proactive individuals who work by objectives, leaving room for flexibility.

Recently, we raised another round of funding at $35 million dollars. Why? Because we believe the future of data collection is powered by AI, voice, and other new technologies that make collecting information a little more human.


Job Openings

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Typeform - Barcelona, Spain
Equity Paid relocation

Okay, you won’t see this job anymore. Undo

Typeform - Barcelona, Spain
Equity Paid relocation
Company Website Software Development 201-500 people Founded 2012 Private


Company Benefits

  1. Private health insurance
  2. Flexible working hours
  3. Over 30 nationalities & Great culture
  4. Ping-Pong table and a terrace
  5. Park your bike at the office
  6. Free catered lunch, fresh fruit, and our reception is a bar -with beer
  7. Gym membership
  8. Learning & development structure
  9. Free language lessons (English, Spanish and Catalan)