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Built with the latest technologies, we improve the lives of our affluent members with a 60 second response time guarantee, 24/7-365.

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No Red Tape. No Layers. Just Code.

Our team is a smart, diverse group from around the globe. We focus on forward-thinking ways to advance technology by learning from each other to push boundaries to strive for constant improvements that will have an impact on our member’s lives and the productivity of the specialist’s in our other departments.

In addition to this, we advocate project ownership which allows freedom for our team to produce their best work. Each developer has a unique opportunity to have an impact and shape a product which is used by thousands of the world's most powerful and affluent individuals.

Some of our long-standing developers have been with the company since 2014 which has shaped the backbone and functionality of our application, thus allowing Velocity to be at the forefront of re-imaging the concierge industry for the digital age.

We’re a really close bunch who socialise together from pizzas and beers in the office, drinks at our local pub, to working off-site and dinners at each other's homes... that’s pretty cool right?!

Exponential growth

The Velocity Black concept has only existed for just about two years, and it that time we have already managed to disrupt the concierge and hospitality industry. Our member's love our product, and we are now laser-focused on expanding the Velocity Black brand across the world, innovate and improve our product and constantly use the latest technologies to push the boundaries of hospitality and remain the world's leading digital concierge.

We have many exciting projects on the roadmap and many awesome challenges ahead of us as we expect our exponential member growth to continue throughout 2019 and beyond. Our Engineering Department will continue to be one of the most important keys to our company's success, so we are now ready to grow the team significantly to sustain our forecasted growth.

Visa sponsorship

Our team consist of some of the world's most talented engineers, so if you have what it takes, do not hesitate to apply, as we are fully licensed to sponsor Tier 2 migrants.

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👉 Velocity Engineers @ Medium

👉 "The coolest app we have ever seen"

Building the world's first scalable and 100% digital concierge service

"Our roadmap and vision are defined and executed with collaboration between the company's founders and technical teams. We are very much a technology driven company."

We use the latest technologies and give you the autonomy to pick the best tools to quickly develop new features that improve member experience, operational efficiency and scalability of our platform. As we scale exponentially, the opportunities for AI and Machine Learning will only increase.

Our stack runs on Google Cloud Platform and we orchestrate our micro-service architecture with Kubernetes. Our CI handles back end, front end and mobile deployments in a fully automated, build-test-release process. 

React Native is our chosen mobile application framework, and the single code base is the source of our iOS, Android and numerous white-labelled apps through a highly scalable build environment and setup.

Aside from our Velocity Black app, we manage multiple white labelled apps, micro frontends and a variety of proprietary internal tools that enable our London, New York and Los Angeles-based specialists to serve our members 24/7 with a 60 second response time guarantee.

How we work

Rather than imposing strict work methodologies upon our team, we use actual team-work to ensure we utilise the best tools for each project. By hiring almost exclusively senior engineers, we are able to advocate ownership and maintain a very flat structure. This provides freedom for our team to pick the technologies they think best and work the way they love.

See how Connor took the initiative to save the company hundreds of hours of engineering time while boosting our profits through increased visibility and forecasting, that the whole company now rely on every day.

As a fast-paced startup, we ship updates and new products regularly and rely on automated tests to ensure a fast and smooth QA process. Here, you won't see your work sit around for weeks in PR's or waiting for QA. This is the perfect place for do-ers, who are comfortable with a rapidly changing environment and the unique opportunities that constantly spawn from it.


Job Openings

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Velocity Black - Vilnius, Lithuania
€48k - 70k | Equity
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Velocity Black - London, UK
£70k - 85k | Equity Paid relocation

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Velocity Black - London, UK
£50k - 75k | Equity Visa sponsor Paid relocation

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Velocity Black - London, UK
£75k - 95k | Equity Visa sponsor Paid relocation

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Company Website Automation, Hospitality, Mobile Application 51–200 people Founded 2014 VC Funded


Company Benefits

  1. Office concessions such as free breakfast, craft beers and snacks 🍺
  2. Compelling equity package - all employees are stock option holders 💰
  3. Receive highest rate of Bupa Private Healthcare cover 🏥
  4. Regular team dinners and drinks - we like to have fun! 🍻
  5. We provide you with the latest equipment - be it Mac, Win or Lin ❤
  6. Flexible hours, working-from-home days and off-sites 🏡
  7. 60% rebate on your gym membership - or come for a run with us! 🏃‍♀️
  8. We want the best Engineers! Licensed to sponsor Tier 2 migrants ✈️
  9. Our developers type with Dvorak - what's your keyboard layout? ⌨️
  10. Enjoy autonomy and have a defining impact on our business 🚀