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ViaBill A/S

ViaBill provides point-of-sales financing for online shoppers directly integrated in the webshops or through payment gateways.

Distributed team from all over Europe

Company Cover Image

We are a team of highly motivated developers who work remotely from our own offices.  We collaborate much like open-source projects with core maintainers for our services. Each developer has a lot of freedom working in a flat hierarchy in a very streamlined process where the domain experts are easily available on Slack or via Hangout

We work with a very rapid release schedule, often releasing multiple times per day. This gives us a quick and motivating feedback loop. This also makes it very easy for a developer to see their effect on business!

This allows us to experiment and adopt new trends/frameworks quickly.

Our Tech Stack

We are currently working on breaking our services into more fine-grained services - gradually moving towards a micro service architecture - where it makes sense...


Job Openings

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eCommerce, Financial Services, SaaS


51–200 employees







Company Benefits

  1. Flexible working hours
  2. 100% Remote = No commute
  3. Work/life balance
  4. Working with cool, modern technologies
  5. Meetups
  6. Clean code
  7. Agile