the place for school memories
  • 11-50 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2010

What Inspires Us?

We are compelled to deliver valuable consumer experiences that are meaningful and engaging. This inspires our creativity and drives our technology innovation.  

Unlike any other company, Vidigami has successfully combined advances in digital imaging, AI and dynamic content production to provide a photo management system for private communities. Vidigami intelligently organizes photos shared by each community, securely stores those photos and automatically delivers those photos as they are relevant to each member of the community.  

Our primary focus is to service Schools and Families where Vidigami is positioned to be the place for school memories.  We provide a community engagement platform based around photo-sharing; where every member is authenticated and everyone is encouraged to share photos to help enrich everyone's memories.  Finally, a place where school memories can be aggregated, stored and shared.

We showcase the life and work that is unique to every student. We provide Schools, Students and Families every reason for being the place for school memories.

Our core values:

Integrity: A commitment to our values, loyalty to our customers, honesty and being true to our word.

Excellence:  To not accept mediocracy. To be rigorous in our analysis, development and processes to deliver on our commitments to product and service quality.

Creativity: To facilitate creativity, we need an environment that is open and supportive, fun and challenging.  This inspires continuous improvement and our goal to achieve Excellence in everything we do.


Our Commitment to Open Source

We believe in open source software and are active in the community. We have released BackboneORM, are actively maintaining KnockbackJS, and give back to the libraries we rely on.

Our Tech Stack

It is a real pleasure to move seamlessly and efficiently between the client and server on a modern JavaScript-powered stack: CoffeeScript, Jade, Stylus, Brunch, Node.js, and BackboneORM.

We have great benefits

Extended Medical & Dental

Employee Stock Option Plan

Flexible Work Hours

Convenient Public Transit


4180 Dunbar St, Vancouver, BC V6S 2E7