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We are a Cambridge (UK) based technology start-up and we are truly brilliant at car connectivity and telematics software.

We are VNC Automotive and there's space for you too!

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We are a Cambridge (UK) based technology start-up and we are truly brilliant at car connectivity and telematics software. Having just spun-out of another successful tech firm we are now fully independent and already have a robust and rapidly growing customer base. Our software is deployed in over 25 million vehicles, across 20 of the world's largest automotive OEMs, including VW Group, Toyota, Honda, PSA and many more. We supply our software across the automotive ecosystem to equipment suppliers such as Bosch, Panasonic, Clarion, Pioneer and device vendors such as Sony, HTC, LG, and Huawei.

We have a fantastic team of developers, testers and technical sales who play an integral role in expanding our global brand by developing software for the significant and growing number of mobile phone vendors, tier 1 equipment suppliers and automotive manufacturers who license our core technology and embed it within their products.

It's a fast-paced team, who create and test the latest generation of VNC Automotive technology targeted for use within the automotive sector by creating and maintaining SDKs, pluggable components and reference applications. The work is interesting and challenging; with new projects constantly in the pipeline we’re always at the leading edge of what’s possible with the newest technologies available. This, combined with the scope for innovation and the introduction of new product ideas, means there is potential for our engineers to develop their careers at an accelerated pace. 

What we make

We produce a set of software stack SDKs that let our customers integrate our technology solutions into their own in-car head units and mobile devices. We also produce sample applications so that customers can evaluate our technologies out-of-the-box on reference embedded hardware designs from the top silicon vendors.


Who does what?

We have three main engineering teams: the core development team, who write most of the code for our products, the test team, who maintain our automated test systems and perform manual testing and the presales team, who prototype new technologies and help our customers integrate our software stacks into their own products on their own hardware. 


How we work

  • Most of our core software is written in C++, with some C for portability, some JNI/Java for Android and some Objective-C for iOS. 
  • We primarily target Linux, Android and iOS at present. We also support, or have supported, QNX, various flavours of Windows, MacOS, JavaScript and various RTOSes, such as µITRON. 
  • We like to automate processes as much as possible to improve quality and consistency, and to maximise efficiency, for example we automatically run various static analysis tools over committed code. 
  • Our builds run on Jenkins with scripts written in bash or Python, which invoke platform-appropriate build systems, such as GNU Autotools, CMake, Gradle or xcodebuild. 
  • For configuration control we use git, running a Bitbucket server for our internal codebase (and OpenGrok for better search facilities) and using GitHub for public repositories. 
  • We have an automated test system written in Python, which runs unit, integration and system tests on real hardware, using a cunning system of USB multiplexers and other gadgets. 
  • Other tools we use include Jira for planning and tracking, Crucible for opt-in code review and Confluence and Office365 for team collaboration. 
  • Our tools are integrated with each other and we're frequently reassessing the best tool for the job or finding new ways to get our tools to collaborate. 
  • Most of our developers tend to use Ubuntu for their primary development machine (our current development specification is a 12-core Ryzen Threadripper 1920X with 32GB RAM and a 1TB M2 drive) and they will typically have another Windows or Mac machine, or both, for working cross-platform. 
  • We use Ansible to set up our build configuration and developers use IDEs of their choice. Even though we have Eclipse, Android Studio, Visual Studio and Xcode, etc., that choice is still often Vim or Emacs! 
  • We use agile methodologies, such as Test-Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Test Automation and Timeboxing.


What we believe 

We are a small, collaborative and technically strong team that try to remain process-light. We work in an environment where anyone can influence change and we embrace errors in the pursuit of excellence. What unites us is our common desire to: 

  • Be at the forefront of automotive tech development. 
  • Take what customers need, or even what they didn’t know they needed, and produce something great. 
  • Apply skills and intellect to solve complex problems.  

We are always on the lookout for talented developers who want to realise the potential of vehicles and devices of tomorrow. So, if you love learning, enjoy working with next-generation automotive technology and like to see your work deployed around the world, then come and join our team.


Job Openings

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VNC Automotive - Cambridge, UK
£25k - 35k On-site and limited remote

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VNC Automotive - Cambridge, UK
On-site and limited remote



Automotive, Computer Software, Mobile


11–50 employees







Company Benefits

  1. 35 hour week
  2. Generous holiday allowance
  3. Childcare vouchers
  4. Discounted gym membership
  5. Friday foodie treats
  6. Bike-to-work loan scheme
  7. Dental cover, medical cover and life insurance
  8. Discretionary annual bonus
  9. Pension scheme
  10. Worldwide travel insurance