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Our journey from Dot to Digital: Digital Telco

Vodafone has always understood the power of connectivity. Here, we help people connect with each other. We help people connect with technology. We help people connect with businesses, ideas and information. But above all, we help people – bright people like you – connect with opportunities.

About our company:

Vodafone Egypt entered the Egyptian market in 1998, providing Telecom services & solutions. Since then, it has become the leading mobile operator in Egypt, not only in revenue share but also in customer base, serving more than 40 million customers.

Vodafone Egypt was named “Ideal employer” for 7 years in a row directly employing over 10,000 Egyptians and creating over 70,000 indirect employment opportunities.

Vodafone Egypt has been undergoing a strategic shift into becoming a Digital Telco; to become one of the pioneering Telcos in the region to think beyond minutes, text and data.

About our teams:

To-date, we accommodate more than 1000 employees using the agile methodology. We are keen on providing them with an innovation space inside the work environment; this year we have planned our first ever internal Hackathon which has been a great success and will be our yearly ritual. Our teams are diverse, cool and tech savvy people who get to work with high-end technologies that you would never guess that they exist in a Telecommunications organization! They work with local and global customers getting the best of both worlds. We are building a digital workforce for the future that is growing by the day. Ready to join?

About our awards:

Africa's and Egypt's Top Employer Award 2018

Engineerex #1 Employer of Choice Award over IT & Telecom sector

Our Tech Stack

If you join our Tech teams, you will work on exciting projects such as, and not limited to:

- The agile development of My Vodafone Apps across global markets

- Robotic Process Automation 

- Cognitive computing, machine learning and live Chatbots

- IoT and cloud services


Job Openings

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Vodafone Egypt - Cairo, Egypt

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Vodafone Egypt - Cairo, Egypt
Company Website Agile Software Development, Information Technology, Telecommunications 10k+ people Founded 1998 Private


Company Benefits

  1. Global exposure working with virtual teams
  2. Working with latest technologies
  3. Technology training academies
  4. Knowledge-sharing communities
  5. Yearly internal innovation Hackathon
  6. Flexible working conditions
  7. Agile ways of working
  8. In-house GYM subscription
  9. Paternity leave up to two weeks
  10. Transportation