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2 weeks ago

In the future, transport will be safer, cleaner, and more efficient. How? Take a look at Smoovit. The smart logistics system involves the consolidation of cargo from different carriers to reduce transports to the city center.

Volvo Group

8 weeks ago

An #iot solution at the Volvo Group engine plant in Lyon, France, is predicting failures before it actually happens. We call it Fluid Monitoring, a predictive maintenance solution. Listen to Julien Toyer, Engineering Manager at the plant in France.

Volvo Group

9 weeks ago

In this live episode from D-Congress, Valtech Café are Malin Jöhncke, Principal Innovation Manager, and Ronja Roupé, Senior Service Designer at Volvo Group Connected Solutions Innovation Lab, talk about the latest advancements in the industry, from new technologies to new ways of working.

Volvo Group

13 weeks ago

The transport and logistic industry are undergoing a digital transformation and new possibilities for efficient, safe, and sustainable services are being created for tomorrow’s mobility solutions. This change is mainly driven by three technologies: connectivity, automation, and electrification.

Volvo Group

13 weeks ago

Innovation Rock Stars is a video podcast series about innovation. This episode's star is Hans Lind, Director Business Innovation & Foresight at the Volvo Group Connected Solutions Innovation Lab. Take a look at the Innovation Lab and learn about innovation and partnerships at the Volvo Group.

Shaping the future of transportation

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If you have heard of the Volvo Group, you probably know that we manufacture trucks, construction equipment, buses and marine products. But did you know that we are in the forefront, when it comes to connected, autonomous and electrified solutions? And that we are thousands of people working with software development?

We are a friendly and open-minded IT community, skilled in Software Development, IT Architecture, Cybersecurity and Data Science and much more. We develop digital services and solutions to create safer, cleaner and more efficient transport and infrastructure solutions. We thrive on exciting challenges and always look for the brightest brains to foster innovation.

Together with customers, partners, start-ups and all the different brands in the Volvo Group, we combine insights across industry sectors, digital trends, and data from over 1M connected customer assets to innovate new services and solutions.

There has never been a more exciting time to work in our  industry. Our IT community share the ambition - to shape the future of transportation. Curious to know more?

We work with innovative projects that require the latest technology

Our IT community at Volvo Group work with innovative projects that require the latest technology. We work with the biggest cloud-providers to develop services and solutions for our partners and customers. As technology develops, we adapt our tech stack with it.



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Company Benefits

  1. Freedom to explore, try and create
  2. Dresscode: your code!
  3. 140 nationalities across 190 nations working together
  4. Compensations that make the difference - a solid benefits package
  5. More than a job, you get a career and support to achieve your goals
  6. You will be surrounded with the best IT talents
  7. Being cared for is an important part of our culture