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"The move towards hybrid intelligence, where both human and artificial intelligence can interact with each other, is next on the horizon." said Walker in his opening address at TECHx23, the bank’s week-long technology expo. Read more of David's thoughts here.


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"After our early experiments with AI Pair Programming, resulting in no loss of quality, +46% productivity, and fun for engineers, we wanted to see how it worked in the real world." David Walker, Westpac CTO, sharing impressive results at the 65,000+ strong Singapore Fintech Festival.


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Forrester recognised Westpac for providing an exceptional user experience and comprehensive functionality, in an evaluation of Australian banks.


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In 2021, Westpac’s digital team embarked on a complete redesign of the banking app. Two years on, and that bold step has been vindicated with the app being recognised as the best in Australia by Forrester. Read how Westpac innovated its way to this honour.


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You can’t be what you can’t see, says Corey Tutt, who is on a mission to inspire more young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to pursue a career in science and technology.


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Our engineers are vital to the success of our digital future. So, we’ve created the best possible environment for you to collaborate and innovate. We’re ensuring the work is challenging yet satisfying by building and assembling using the latest technologies and methods. Everything we do is designed to give you more freedom, more choice, more support, and less red tape so you can get on with the fun stuff – building the systems that change the future. 

See Westpac TechX, now in its seventh year

Hear how we back our women in tech



As a Westpac engineer, whether you’re creating innovative mobile apps, conversational AI or blockchain capabilities, your work will be helping simplify and modernise the technology that millions of Australians and New Zealanders use every day. The digital platforms you build will literally be making their lives better. 


  • DataX – our commercial data analytics offering that allows business customers to integrate the power of Westpac data (including over 6 million daily card transactions) with its data assets.
  • Conversational AI – working with leading New-York-based AI platform company, Kasisto, to develop world-first capabilities in conversational AI.
  • Blockchain – we are developing our blockchain capabilities to support a range of use cases, including recently minting a stable coin.
  • Tap-on-phone – a first for Australia, this turns a small trader’s phone into a payments machine.
  • Instant mortgage – providing digital approvals within ten minutes.


You’ll work in our advanced mesh environment designed by engineers for engineers. You’ll have access to an open community-led marketplace with thousands of reusable components. You’ll use state-of-the-art delivery pipelines which means less time spent on the technology plumbing and more time focusing on the fun stuff – like building the best digital platforms in Australia and New Zealand.


You’ll have the freedom to choose where you work - be that from home, the office, or a combination of the two. You might choose to work in one of our regional hubs in lifestyle locations such as the Gold Coast. You may even take the option to have a mini stint in one of our selected overseas locations. 


We respect that for engineers, choice of laptop and mobile is highly personal. So, you’ll have your choice of the latest Apple or Microsoft equipment and the latest Samsung or Apple mobile with unlimited data. 


You’ll be given dedicated time to learn. That includes access to continuing education through certification programs, Microsoft accreditation, formal training academies, ‘Tech Talks’, ‘TechX’, ‘CS&T Learning Series’, coaching and mentoring. 


You’ll work in collaborative squads led by other experienced engineers who will champion and add value to your work. With tech rather than operational leads, you’ll have a mentor who speaks your language, understands your needs, and can ensure your team have continuity and ownership of your work.

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“Getting the talent in is one challenge. The next is freeing them up to do their thing. This means killing off complexity, the right tooling and automation, distributed accountability, rapid decision making, cutting red tape.”

“In addition, our people are much faster. Relative to the legacy ways of working, our developers are producing double the amount of meaningful code as we give them automated delivery pipelines, and support, such as automated testing so they can focus on the fun stuff – coding – rather than the technology plumbing.”

David Walker      Westpac Group   Chief Technology Officer

"I've been an engineer within the app development team for 2 years now, working with a great team of engineers and designers. With the ever changing standards for mobile tech, Westpac has always encouraged us to continue learning. Working remotely has been an incredible experience for me whilst I complete my university degree."

"Designing, prototyping, developing and promoting, I've been able to diversify my skills across the world of digital, learning from my amazing colleagues."

Juliet Gobran   Engineer Designer   Animator | Artist

"I joined Westpac 7 years back and I was instantly amazed by the great culture and diversity. Westpac has been constantly supportive of my career growth with my journey starting as a Senior Android developer to a Technical Lead and now a Solution Designer. We are constantly encouraged and supported in all ways to learn, innovate, be creative and spread the knowledge."

"The work life balance at Westpac is amazing and a special shout out to the awesome support and benefits I received during the two occasions of my maternity leave. Proud to be part of this great organisation."

Nisha Mathew    Solution Designer




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Banking, Financial Technology, Software Development / Engineering


10k+ employees








Company Benefits

  1. Flexible working arrangements including WFH
  2. Your choice of latest Apple or Microsoft equipment
  3. Advanced mesh environment designed by engineers for engineers
  4. Time and resources for continuing education
  5. Commitment to advancing women in tech
  6. Generous parental leave for primary and support carers
  7. Generous compassionate and lifestyle leave
  8. Valuable savings on banking products and services
  9. Inclusive and diverse workplace supported by employee action groups
  10. Global remote working policy