We're building the WhatsApp of money

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We're bold and take pride in our work!

We celebrate our successes. But we're not afraid of making mistakes and awknowledge when things could have gone better. We are all empowered to own and find meaning in our work. We do this because we all believe in our mission.

We are changing the way people send money abroad. We’ve taken something complicated and made it simple.

Using WorldRemit is easy because we do the hard bit, connecting hundreds of banks, money agents, mobile operators and payment systems around the world.

The industry is also excited about us: Accel Partners and Technology Crossover Ventures (early backers of Facebook, Spotify and Netflix) invested $140 million and we’re a member of TechCity UK’s prestigious FutureFifty.

The journey is just beginning. We believe in faster, simpler, lower-cost money transfers. That means building beautiful products and better services for our customers.

Engineering - help us do things in a better way!

So how's the re-write going down?  Think evolution rather than revolution.  We're not going to tear everything up all at once.  We've a proof of concept in place and will re-write a couple of components at a time.  Finetuning and perfecting as we go, as mentioned already, it's not about cool points but business practicality.  There is very little legacy code that will get in your way and this is all about re-writing, factoring, patterning and designing.  We also need you to bring your insight from the different stacks you've worked on so you can help us make decisions on the new stack as it evolves.

With so much work ongoing, you're probably thinking what the longer term vision is for engineering?

Well we want to maintain a self organising approach and not pigeon hole Devs into working on just APIs, front end, integration (you get the picture here) so we are moving towards a feature team model as we scale the team up.  

We'd like to think this will give you the variety and challenges in your day to day and ultimately keep you interested :-)

If you'd like to learn more about our awesome women in tech check out our blog here

Our Tech Stack

Investment in technology is the #1 priority for WorldRemit’s investors, board and senior leadership team. The technology team currently stands at 100 across London, Krakow and Denver and we’re transitioning to a Tribe/Squad approach to enable us to meet our customer’s needs.

We have built our cloud-native distributed platform which is hosted in Azure and AWS. Our teams follow a Build It, Support It model ensuring we drive high standards in quality, security and resilience.

Our chosen web technology stack is React, Redux and Node.js. Our native iOS app is built with Swift and Kotlin has been introduced for our Android version. Our service platform is predominately built using C#/.NET and we use a host of data technologies including SQL Server, DocDB, RedShift, Kafka & Hive.


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Company Benefits

  1. Medical, Life, Dental, Eyes and 3 x Life Assurance
  2. 25 days holiday
  3. Breakfast!
  4. Pension (matching up to 8%)
  5. Games Room - PlayStation, Table tennis, Pool!
  6. Flexible working
  7. Summer and winter parties
  8. Weekly drinks in the office
  9. Hackdays and tickets to events and conferences
  10. Discounts - Including shopping, cinema, gym, and childcare vouchers!