Wuji Touch Software

Your source of infinite innovation
  • 1-10 employees
  • Private
  • Founded 2009

Cutting edge to the point of bleeding out

If you're like us then you LOVE new technology. We love to use the newest frameworks, tools, and design in our software development. Have you tried Meteor? Have you tried Titanium SDK? Tried MVC4 and the WebAPIs? These are just some of the things we've looked into and are always looking for more.

Don't worry, be happy

Yes, we do work hard. Yes, we do have deadlines. But, yes we do know how to relax. Yes, we can have a beer or take a nap or play darts to get your mind of that pesky bug you're working on.


Your typical work day could include working on code, replying to client emails, discussing what you're working on with the rest of us, reviewing any issue cases assigned to you.


We are a small company. We work closely together, like family. We rely on each other for advice and guidance. We value each others input and knowledge. Every person here is absolutely critical and knows it.

Our tech and tools

We have great benefits

Weekly company lunch

Sodas, coffee, snacks

Flexible schedule

Two monitors, wireless keyboards/mouse


660 Linton Blvd
Suite 205B
Delray Beach, FL 33445