Yext lets companies manage their digital presence in online maps, directories and apps.
  • Location Services
  • 201-500 employees
  • VC Funded
  • Founded 2006

Making a Global Impact

Yext lets companies manage their digital presence in online maps, directories and apps. Over 400,000 businesses make millions of monthly updates across 85+ exclusive global partners, making Yext the international market leader. Digital presence is a fundamental need for all 50 million businesses in the world, and Yext's mission is perfect location information in every hand.

We raised an additional $50M in funding last June off of a $525M valuation, and we've got big plans for it.  We'll be putting it towards expanding our presence internationally, building new products through R&D, and opening up an additional 60,000 square feet in our office here in Manhattan.  And of course continuing to grow our a world class team.  

What makes a Yexter?

We live by three core values:

  • Learn Fast
  • Think Big
  • Get stuff done

When you have a group of brilliant people who are passionate about their job and enjoy who they work with, that's when amazing products are built.  Our engineers work in a variety of areas from our revolutionary Listings product to our newly launched Pages offering to yet unannounced features being developed by the R&D group.  

We strongly believe that a great engineer can pick up a language, but you can't pick up being a great engineer. We focus on connecting with folks who have a strong engineering foundation regardless of what language they've been recently writing day to day.  That said, we're using a lot of Java over here, some Python on our data team, and writing more and more Go code by the day.  

Our team works in an agile environment running two week sprints that culminate with demos of features in progress.  Every team does daily stand ups, and teams are capped at 6 or 7 engineers to keep a free flow of communication across the group.  We're made up of engineers from the top universities and tech companies in the world and we'll have you hands-on with the code from day one.

Right Tools for the Job

We call it fluid stability.  The importance of finding a balance between embracing new technologies and keeping consistency within the team.  We recognize that as our company grows and evolves the tools we use need to adapt as well.  We've traditionally been a Java shop built on top of Play but what started as an engineer's side project a couple years back ( Revel, a web framework for Golang) led to us adopting the use of Go across several of our teams building out new products and features. Similarly, in the early days of Yext we were run off a dedicated data center.  However, with the explosive growth we've seen especially in our Enterprise customers controlling thousands of locations, we've transitioned into a hybrid environment that utilizes AWS for spikes in activity.  A lot of what we've built we've open sourced, so you can check it out on our github or take a look at our blog that covers some of our tools and events.  

The full rundown...

  • Groovy for Java Templating
  • Soy for Java and Go Templating (we're building most of the new stuff in Soy, since we can share it across all types of projects)
  • For Javascript we use jQuery and other third party libraries.
  • We follow our own internal MVVM and JS Module paradigm.
  • We use Closure for our Javascript builds and minification.
  • SASS as a CSS pre-processor 
  • ICBM as our Java and Go build tools
  • Jenkins is used to maintain our continuous integration and builds
  • Rietveld as our code review tools

We have great benefits

Full Health, Dental, Vision

Individual Seamless account for lunch and dinner

Unlimited vacation days and Flexible hours

Yext teams - pool, soccer, etc

401k and FSA

Fun room, Nap room, and 2 Snack Kitchens

Conference / Learning Budget

Choose your own setup (Mac, Linux, etc)

Volunteering opportunities

Frequent team offsites


1 Madison Ave, 5th Fl
New York, NY 10010
8474 Tyco Rd, Ste D, FL 2, Vienna, VA 22182
Rapenburg 1 Leiden, 2311 GD Netherlands