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The best data, the best tools. Global entrepreneurs in opinion data, painting a more accurate portrait of what the world thinks

Entrepreneurs in Opinion Data

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YouGov works with the world's leading brands and organisations to understand what people think.

Powered by Digital Development

Our Global Dev group is a tight group of seven teams comprised of about 40 developers based globally in the UK, Poland, USA and beyond.

The teams coordinate on efforts to build applications and innovate in data collection, survey authoring, profile data management, integration, data analytics, content management, and other areas.

These applications drive the opinion data engine of YouGov; empowering the biggest and the best organisations around the world with accurate information about what the world thinks. Enabling these organisations to make effective predictions based on what their audience or stakeholders think.

We believe the more people are able to participate in the decisions made by the institutions that serve them, the better those decisions will be.

Diverse as the Audience we work with

YouGov is part of Stonewall's Global Diversity Champions Framework.

Our Tech Stack

The YouGov stack emphasizes open-source tools and techniques with a heavy focus on lightweight, decoupled services built on microframeworks.

Python Microframeworks

  • CherryPy / Flask
  • MongoDB for semi-structured data
  • PostgreSQL for structured data
  • RabbitMQ for event streaming

Web Technologies

  • AngularJS
  • Angular (2+)
  • ES2015
  • Django
  • Grunt
  • webpack
  • Babel
  • Karma / Jasmine

Other technology

  • Node.js
  • Scala
  • Cassandra
  • Go
  • Redis
  • Web sockets
  • Slack
  • Jenkins
  • Zero-down-time deployment


Job Openings





Market research, Web Technology


501–1k employees






Company Benefits

  1. Flexibility
  2. Best Equipment
  3. Salary + Bonus
  4. Well-being at Work
  5. Various lifestyle benefits
  6. Culture of Learning
  7. Pension (401K in the USA)
  8. Employee Assistance
  9. Games and Social Events
  10. Good Holiday allowance