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emlix GmbH

Berlin; Göttingen; Bonn
Embedded, Software Consulting, Software Development / Engineering

emlix bringt Open Source-Technologie in moderne, vernetzte Industrieprodukte. Unsere Linux-basierten Systeme sind weltweit, millionenfach im Einsatz und ermöglichen eine komfortable Steuerung, Bedienung und Visualisierung von Geräten, Maschinen und Anlagen. Zusammen mit unseren Kunden entwickeln wir produktspezifische Funktionen auf der Basis von angepassten Linux Kernel- u...

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WPS Management GmbH

Paderborn; Berlin
Business Process Optmization, Business to Business, Cloud-Based Solutions

Our team members are what makes us strong – their creativity, their passion and their drive for innovation are fundamental for our company’s success. That is the reason why we put great efforts in creating an awesome working atmosphere with the best colleagues and in granting individual liberties within flat hierarchical structures. With our products we aim to provide sol...

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Computer Software, eCommerce, Platforms

Vavato Our mission is to make bidding simple, accessible and fun. Why? Because we believe auctions no longer need to be ‘old school’ and complex. The story of Vavato VAVA what? VAVATO! VAVATO was established in 2015 by three enthusiastic entrepreneurs who wanted to digitalize the auction market in Belgiu...

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Milano; Warsaw; Verona
Information Technology

Everliwas founded in 2014 with the aim ofmaking grocery shopping simple,fast and convenient.Clients choose their favorite supermarket and do their grocery online: then, a personal Shopper goes to the store to carefully makethe grocery and deliver it straight at their home. We want to change the grocery experience and giv...

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condition monitoring, Industrial Automation, Internet of Things

The development team The software engineering team currently consists of 6 experienced developers working on a large architecture covering a wide domain, from signal processing on our edge devices through dashboarding for different user groups. Continuous improvement and daily deployments are at the heart of the high level of quality we deliver.

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Research Affiliates

Newport Beach
Finance, Financial Technology, Software Development / Engineering

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travel audience GmbH

Berlin; Paris; Moscow
Advertising Technology, Online Advertising, Travel & Tourism

Founded in 2011 as a joint venture between MairDumont and Traveltainment and is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amadeus IT Group, a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry. We provide integrated data-driven solutions for travel advertising and connect destinations and travel brands with potential travelers at...

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Hetzner Cloud GmbH

Cloud Services, Internet Infrastructure, Software Development

Wir entwickeln und betreiben die Hetzner Cloud Unsere Produkt: Unsere API: Wir auf Github: ...

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camunda Services GmbH

Automation, Business Process Optimization, Information Technology

Camunda is a software company reinventing workflow automation. Hundreds of companies including 24 Hour Fitness, AT&T, Lufthansa Technik and Zalando trust Camunda to automate core business processes to the highest possible extent, allowing their business to scale and revenue to grow without proportionally increasing operating costs. With its open source workflow automation and decision pl...

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