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Frankfurt am Main
Finance, Financial Services, Financial Technology

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Assen; Amsterdam

A piece of the moon, a complete dinosaur skeleton, the Pope's hat, the world's smallest book - at Catawiki, we come across extraordinary objects such as these every day. As Europe’s fastest growing online auction platform, our mission is to make special objects available to everyone. In fact, 14 million users are buying and selling on Catawiki every month. This means we are con...

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No office location
eCommerce, SaaS, sales tax

A SaaS aimed at helping millions of online merchants on Square, Amazon, Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and other carts/marketplaces manage their sales tax compliance. We're well-funded in a space that has tremendous upside. Customers love our product. We have an extremely strong conversion funnel, a proven business model and very real revenues. We're...

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New York
Software Development

We're Clevertech, the team you never knew you needed until now. Since 2000, we have built core operating technologies, mobile apps and complex web applications that drive business growth while solving our clients' toughest challenges. Our clients' hardest problems are our favorite problems. We are a team of 200+ global developers and have been working remotely for 20+ years. Being a...

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No office location
Computer Software, Enterprise Software, Web Hosting

We believe the best engineers tend to be polyglots with a wide variety of programming language experience.We don't hire for specific programming language skills, but rather look for engineers who are fluent in several languages. We want our staff to be adaptable and ready to evolve for what's next. We believe that building great infrastructure and platf...

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Pescara; Latina
eCommerce, Web Design, Web Development

We are Nebulab, the full-service eCommerce agency behind some of the world’s most disruptive digital brands. We specialize in building bespoke eCommerce experiences for international clients across a wide array of verticals, and we lead the development of Solidus, the open-source eCommerce platform for industry trailblazers. ...

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Financial Technology

FreeAgent is one of the UK's most popular online accounting apps, with over 110,000 customers. FreeAgent removes the stress and pain of dealing with business finances, allowing business owners to focus on running their business! Our customers love FreeAgent. It is rated

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Computer Software, eCommerce, Platforms

Vavato Our mission is to make bidding simple, accessible and fun. Why? Because we believe auctions no longer need to be ‘old school’ and complex. The story of Vavato VAVA what? VAVATO! VAVATO was established in 2015 by three enthusiastic entrepreneurs who wanted to digitalize the auction market in Belgiu...

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Luqa; Sofia; London
Enterprise Software, Software Development / Engineering, Software and Data Modernisation

We’re on a mission to help our customers connect data, software and purpose to create extraordinary outcomes. You could say we are a digital transformation business. But we’d rather say we help people solve problems, or do new things, or do existing things better. We specialise in software product development, analytics and data science, IoT solutions, machine learning, D...

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Logistics & Distribution, Logistics and Supply Chain, SaaS

Shypple is revolutionizing the conservative logistics industryby making shipping simple. As a digital forwarder, we offer companies a modern and easy-to-use web app that offers real-time visibility in every aspect of their supply chain. From our app, logistics teams can search, compare, book and track real-time shipments for air and sea freight – providing them with a leap in eff...

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