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Calthorpe Analytics


Data & Analytics, GIS, Government

Software for Sustainable Decision-Making

2 jobs

MOCAP Analytics

Menlo Park

Computer Software, Data & Analytics, Sports Technology

Technology is our focus, sports is our passion.

1 job

Nexleaf Analytics

Los Angeles

Cloud-Based Solutions, Data & Analytics, Non-Profit

For responsive interventions

1 job

Academic Analytics

Charlotte; Wisconsin; New York

Academic Research

Data Geeks Welcomed!

1 job

Charles River Analytics


Artificial Intelligence, Behavioral Analytics, Big Data

Innovative Solutions through Intelligent Systems

3 jobs

Juice Analytics


Big Data, Business Intelligence, Healthcare

In a world of complex data that’s difficult to digest, somebody had to make data more delicious.

Darwin Analytics


More insights, less metrics

clearwater analytics

Boise; Edinburgh; New York

Amplitude Analytics

San Francisco

Calling all data monsters

Conclusive Analytics


Data Science

Better Business Decisions, Faster.