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Software Development, Web Hosting, Web Technology

Our teams work based on a structured flow of communication. The company is fully bootstrapped and our product is developed by us - we work for ourselves. We have a kick-ass support team covering the whole globe 24/7, providing the best WordPress support in the web hosting market. We don't believe in micro-management. We hire people we trust to do their best for Kinsta.

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Mumbai; Chaoyang Qu; Brussel
Financial Technology, Mobile Payments, Payment Gateway

Worldline is the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry and the #4 player worldwide. Our 20,000 employees working in more than 50 countries also play a major role in merchant services, mobility, e-administration, and major state projects. We work on developing products and shared services and on the construction of bespoke solutions that are the closest to our cu...

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Centogene GmbH

Rostock; Berlin; Beograd
Bioinformatics, Biotechnology, Medical Diagnostics

We have teams of software developers, bioinformatics engineers, data scientists and AI experts. We are collaborating and working together on various projects across the company.

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AVANTGARDE - "Creating Fans"

München; Berlin
Software Development / Engineering

At Avantgarde, we design powerful (digital) brand experiences that shape the future of the best brands in the world. What is the key? Our team, our experience and the perfect software for our clients. For over 30 years we understand the meaning of experiences. We are leading experts in unique brand experiences that turn people into lifelong fans of a brand and bring it to wor...

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Trusted Shops GmbH

Warszawa; Barcelona; Lille

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WS Audiology

Lynge; Erlangen; Singapore
Medical Devices

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ENGIE Digital

Paris; Lyon
Energy & Environment, Enterprise Software, Software Development / Engineering

ENGIE unlocks the full potential of digital to serve the strategy “zero carbon” as a service. At ENGIE Digital, hand in hand with our internal stakeholders, we design and deliver distinctive software that have a positive impact both on people’s lives and on the energy world by combining business breakthrough and disruptive technologies. Our core software offers target: Ener...

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Sky UK

Livingston; Brentford; London
Broadcast, Telecommunications, Television

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Tactile Games
High response rate

Entertainment, Gaming, Mobile Game

We are one of the biggest gaming companies in Denmark, located in the heart of Copenhagen. Since our origins in 2009, our mission and dedication has been to make top-quality mobile games with a global appeal. We are best known for our story-driven puzzle game Lily’s Garden, the success of which has resulted in the launch of our most recent game, Penny&Flo: Finding Home. In...

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Oracle Corporation

Bristol; Seattle; Bengaluru
Cloud Computing, Cloud Services, Software Development / Engineering

We work from the ground up, move fast, and never shy away from taking risks. You’ll get to develop features from scratch and use emerging technologies to influence the direction our Generation 2 cloud goes in next. Join our ground-breaking team and help us write the most exciting chapter in cloud history. Reimagine what the cloud can do

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