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ACV Auctions

Buffalo; Toronto

ACV Auctions is the leading dealer-to-dealer, online automotive marketplace in the nation. We bring transparency to every transaction from start to finish, ensuring peace of mind and value for our customers. We do this with a combination of the industry’s best technology and the world’s best people. As a result of our team’s tireless effort and dedication, we’re growi...

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ReviewPro / ReviewRank

Barcelona; Atlanta; Singapore
Computer Software, Travel & Tourism

We hire engineers that are equal parts bright, great problem solvers, and nice people. We value core problem solving and computer science skills over brand name experience with a particular product. Our teams solve various problems: from building clean React-based UIs and mobile interfaces to developing ML/DL products that directly interact with guests in a hospitality setting. They also...

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SimCorp A/S

København; Kyiv; Sydney
Computer Software, Financial Technology

As asoftwareprofessional at SimCorp, you’ll be developing advanced software to solve and master the realities of the investment industry. Our customers rely on our solutions as they manage investment equal to one quarter of the world’s total GDP. That’s 20 trillion dollars of other people’s savings – and we shoulder our part of this responsibility in...

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Prishtinë; Kongens Lyngby; Paris
Enterprise Software, SaaS

Celonis is the execution management system leader. Powered by its market-leading process mining core, the Celonis Execution Management System provides a set of instruments and applications, with a developer studio and platform capabilities for business executives and users. The Celonis EMS offerings help companies manage every facet of execution management from analytics, to strategy and pla...

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Paris; Burnley
Cloud-Based Solutions, Continuous Delivery, PaaS

We aim for the stars; we get there one step at a time. We want to tackle and solve hard problems, with a sense of urgency and bias toward action. We promote radical change through incremental steps. We are balanced: Thinking small is a self-fulfilling prophecy, betting the house is for cowboys. We care for each other. We are good colle...

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Newtown Square; Palo Alto; Bengaluru
Cloud Services, Customer Experience Management, Enterprise Software

We believe innovation is more than developing software – it's engineering breakthrough technologies and best practices that shape trends and helps companies of all sizes and industries run better. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device – SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and u...

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Haufe Group

Barcelona; Timișoara; Berlin
Cloud-Based Solutions, DevOps, Software Development

We rely on the right people with the right skills. To keep pace with technological development, we offer diverse opportunities for training and networking. Personal growth is a path to understanding new things, experimenting, and developing solutions.Our culture thrives on the will to change, including a healthy culture of error and feedback. We achieve this through respectful and open...

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B2C, Financial Services

BUX is Europe’s fastest growing neobroker and has been making it easy and affordable for Europeans to do more with their money since 2014. By taking down the barriers to the financial markets and disrupting the investing experience, we’re helping new generations of investors and traders to discover the world of the financial markets. BUX’s flagship platform,

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Authority Partners

Sarajevo; Irvine
Information Technology, Software Development, Software Development / Engineering

At AP we believe remarkable people aren't just discovered - they're cultivated. That starts by handpicking our family of visionaries from amongst the best in the world. But it continues by engaging themwith our Fortune 500 client partners, groundbreaking technologies and sophisticated projects. The key to our success is our people. We want our employees to get up in the morning...

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Agile Softwareentwicklung, Förderbank

Softwareentwicklung für die Menschen in Baden-Württemberg - agile Werte, Vertrauen, Zusammenarbeit: starke Individuen in starken Teams. Eine wichtige Säule ist unser eigener IT-Bereich mit 200 Mitarbeiter*innen, einem eigenen Rechenzentrum und Betrieb sowie agilem Mindset und Entwicklungsmethoden wie Scrum und Kanban. Wir betreiben und entwickeln Standardsoftwa...

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