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Estimated Back End Developer Salary in the United Kingdom

As of 2019, how much does the average Back End Developer living in the United Kingdom make? Stack Overflow estimates Back End Developer salary averages from responses to our Developer Survey (updated in 2019).
25th Percentile
50th Percentile
75th Percentile

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Tessian - London, UK
£35k - 100k | Equity Visa sponsor Paid relocation
Cox Automotive UK - Manchester, UK
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7Bridges - London, UK
£50k - 65k | Equity Paid relocation
High response rate
Stealth-Mode Sports Trading Company via TalentBase - London, UK
£60k - 85k
JustPark via Ventula Consulting - London, UK
£60k - 75k Paid relocation
Simprints Technology Ltd - Cambridge, UK
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Comms Express - Chelmsford, UK
£24k - 36k
Black Cow Technology - Oxford, UK
£40k - 50k
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Java Developer

New 1h ago
Saga Plc - Folkestone, UK
£0 - 35k On-site and limited remote