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How do I prevent git on Cygwin to set core.filemode=true

I am using git from a Cygwin installation on my Windows PC. Although cygwin supports the Unix permission bits on an NTFS file system, native Windows programs like my Eclipse don't know about them so that all files created by Windows programs have the executable bit set (755).

I only rarely ever need to check in a file with executable bit set into a Git repository. Therefore, I would like to have core.filemode=false by default. I set this value in my global configuration, but unfortunately this typically has no effect: as documented, git clone probes the file system to see if it supports permissions and sets the core.filemode accordingly per repository, and therefore I have a core.filemode=true configuration in every repository configuration, overriding my desired default.

Is there a way to prevent git clone from setting core.filemode automatically?