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Angular 2 - Add class based on array string?

I'm trying to this list generated by using an array in the component:

  billChecklist = [
      title: "mortgage",
      every: "1st",
      amount: "$1300",
      status: "paid"

My HTML has a For LET loop which works fine:

<tbody *ngFor="let bills of billChecklist">
       <td><span class="glyphicon" [ngClass]="{'glyphicon-ok': bills.status==='paid'}" aria-hidden="true"></span></td>

In the last , I have a span where I want to put "glyphicon-ok" depending in what is in the array above.

I tried doing a conditional ngClass, but I get an error when using the array variable {{bills.paid}} or nothing at all when using the one below.

[ngClass]="{'glyphicon-ok': bills.status==='paid'}"

Any help will be appreciated.