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I was asked in the interview what programming language was used to implement Java. I was stunned: I never thought of this. I only know the core Java classes are in Java.

What programming language is used to develop Java?

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Same question already answered by one of the person who write Sun's JDK implementation check here Wiki Answers

The Java Language is a language specification - you don't write a language in a language, it's a specification. That would be like asking "Do you write French in German?"

What I'm assuming the questioner really wanted to know is "What language is the JDK developed in?" That is, what is the underlying language the entire Java Virtual Machine and Class libraries developed in.

The answer is: for the VM, it varies, since there are multiple different VM implementations. The Class libraries, however, are ALWAYS written in Java, as they are intended to be run using the Java VM itself. Certain libraries using JNI (Java Native Interface) may be partially written in a variety of other languages, as they are intended to be used OUTSIDE the JVM.

The Sun/Oracle VM is written in C++. The BEA/Weblogic/Oracle VM is written in C. IBM's J9 is (I believe) written in C++. There are a couple of VMs actually written in Java, and one even written in Lisp. The vast majority of JVMs also include assembler code to speed certain "hot" areas.

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    "you don't write a language in a language" This isn't always true. GCC has been written in C++ since 2012 (citation) and the Scala compiler is written in Scala (citation). Both pages reference the process of bootstrapping to accomplish this. – Paul Nelson Baker May 18 '17 at 20:56
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    You didn't get it. The "Language" is a description that doesn't need to be "written". It just has to be described. Even if this specification includes such a mechanism as bootstrapping (which i believe it doesn't), the description would still be only a description. – ospf Jan 5 '18 at 8:49
  • In real world every language is made up of other languages, so in a sense French could be written in German. That'd be how German language changed over time and became French (this I am refer to your example of course). Of course in a result French grammar has it's own set of rules (like language specification), but where did those rules come from? German perhaps, before they were re-written in French. So, that should apply to programming languages as well. – RegarBoy Nov 12 at 12:23

The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) by Oracle on which Java Code is executed is written in C++.

There exist other virtual machines by other parties that are implemented in other languages and some even in Java itself. A list of some of them is available on wikipedia here.

For that to understand you have to know, that the Java Virtual Machine executes bytecode that is generated by a Java compiler when building projects. This bytecode is on a level that is suitable for all possible operating systems and platforms and therefore will work on virtual machines for specific platforms. (That's how Java achieves cross system compatibility)

There also exist several Java Compilers. (The ones that compile Java code into bytecode) The most common one is the javac compiler by oracle that is mainly written in C. More info about these here.


The Java libraries (java.lang, java.util etc, often referred to as the Java API) are themselves written in Java, although methods marked as native.

The Sun JVM is written in C, JVM run on your machine is a platform-dependent executable and hence could have been originally written in any language.
The Oracle JVM (HotSpot) is written in the C++ programming language.

Java Compiler provided By Oracle is written in Java itself..


Java is written in C and Java.


Basically java is using C through native api in java. You can check the source code of any classes in java like Object class and check that whenever it wants to use C language they have called native api in java.

like public native int hashCode();


Java runs on the JVM - java virtual machine. The implementation of the JVM varies.

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