How do I move the turtle in LOGO?

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  • Don't forget PENUP and PENDOWN. Otherwise you'll move the turtle, but not see his track. Also change the color of the pen, and the background color of the paper. – abelenky Jun 16 '09 at 20:50
  • You go here... – Sam Jun 16 '09 at 20:54
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FD 75
RT 54
LT 21
BK 17

Check out some other turtle commands found here...

Turtle Commands

  • BACK ## [BK] - Move turtle back
  • BACKGROUND ## [BG] - Set Background color (0-15)

    • 0 - Black
    • 1 - White
    • 2 - Red
    • 3 - Cyan
    • 4 - Purple
    • 5 - Green
    • 6 - Blue
    • 7 - Yellow
    • 8 - Orange
    • 9 - Brown
    • 10 - Light Red
    • 11 - Grey 1
    • 12 - Grey 2
    • 13 - Light Green
    • 14 - Light Blue
    • 15 - Grey 3
  • CLEARSCREEN [CS] - Clear Screen without moving turtle

  • DRAW - Clear Screen and take turtle home
  • EACH - Tell several sprites, whose numbers are in a list, to accept commands in a second list, e.g. EACH [1 2] [SQUARE 10]
  • FORWARD ## [FD] - Move turtle forward
  • FULLSCREEN - Full graphics screen (same as pressing F5)
  • HEADING - Output turtle heading as a number (0-359)
  • HIDETURTLE [HT] - Make turtle invisible
  • HOME - Move turtle to center of screen pointing up
  • LEFT [LT] - Turn turtle left
  • NODRAW [ND] - Enter text mode with clear screen
  • NOWRAP - Prevent drawings from wrapping around screen
  • PENCOLOR [PC] - Change pen color
  • PENDOWN [PD] - Turtle leaves trail
  • PENUP [PU] - Turtle ceases to leave trail
  • RIGHT ## [RT] - Turn turtle right
  • SETHEADING [SETH] - Set turtle heading, e.g. SETH 180
  • SETSHAPE - Set the current sprite shape (0-7)
  • SETX Move the turtle to the specified x co-ordinates e.g. SETX 50
  • SETXY Move the turtle to the specified x, y co-ordinates Eg. SETXY 50 50
  • SETY Move the turtle to the specified y co-ordinate, e.g. SETY 50
  • SHAPE - Output number of current sprite's shape
  • SHOWTURTLE [ST] - Make turtle visible
  • SPLITSCREEN - Mixed graphics and text screen (same as pressing F3)
  • STAMPCHAR - Make the turtle stamp a character at the current location, e.g. STAMPCHAR "A
  • TELL - Tell designated sprite to receive commands, e.g. TELL 2
  • TEXTSCREEN - Use whole screen for text (same as pressing F1)
  • TOWARDS - Output heading for turtle to face an X,Y coordinate, e.g. TOWARDS 0 0
  • WRAP - Make turtle drawings wrap around the screen
  • XCOR - Output current x co-ordinate of turtle
  • YCOR - Output current y co-ordinate of turtle
  • ASPECT - Set verticle screen scale factor, default is 0.76

Samples taken directly from website:

Logo is all about moving the turtle... you give it commands like this:

Forward 100
Right 45

You can do stuff like repeating commands too:

Repeat 8 [Forward 100 Right 45]  ; Draw an octagon

(What do I win? 8-)

Whoa! Is it still around?

fd 300 // Forward
rt 90  // Right 90°
fd 300 
lt 90  // Left 90°

That used to work.

I've seen a few LOGO implementations where you can use localized commands like:

  • LEWO (LEFT),

or even NAPRZÓD (with Polish letter Ó).

LOGO is nice language to teach kids programming in their native spoken language.

By issuing commands in the correct syntax. E.G.:

forward 100

There is only one necessary command to move the turtle. It is forward which has the mnemonic fd. When working with a robot (real) turtle as opposed to a graphics based (virtual) one, you might find that the turning commands left and right [lt & rt] move the turtle a little, accidentally.

Most implementations also allow the command backwards [bk].

When the turtle moves, it may draw a line as it goes depending on whether the pen is up or down at the time, and whether the current pen color is different from the background color.

A graphics based (virtual) turtle can also jump around the screen with setx, sety, and setxy

try: bk(back), fd(forward), ld(left turn in degrees), rt(right turn).

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