I just started using the MySQL Geospatial extension in hope of speeding up lat/lng range searches in my database of 500K points. A new GEOMETRY column p is created.

Problem:p & AsText(p) values returned are simply (BLOB), not in decimal degrees. No values are returned by GeomFromText(p). Because I had the redundant lat and lng columns, I still manage to get the lat lng values that I need. But I'm thinking of removing the lat and lng cols and just rely on p.

Converted existing Lat/Lng values to Points

UPDATE listings SET p = GeomFromText('POINT(39.948177 -75.174324)') WHERE listing_id = '585221';

Attempt to Retrieve Lat Lng from GEOMTRY col p

SELECT listing_id, lat, lng, GeomFromText(p), AsText(p), p from listings WHERE MBRContains( GeomFromText('Polygon((39 -76, 40 -76, 40 -74, 39 -74, 39 -76))'), p)
  • What happens when you use AsText(p) instead of GeomFromText(p)? – Muhammad Zeeshan Apr 6 '12 at 13:22
  • AsText(p) also returns (BLOB) – Nyxynyx Apr 6 '12 at 13:39

If you use AsText you will get your object in WKT format. To extract point coordinates use:

SELECT listing_id X(p), Y(p)
FROM listings
WHERE MBRContains( GeomFromText('Polygon((39 -76, 40 -76, 40 -74, 39 -74, 39 -76))'), p)

MySQL probably returns result of AsText as BLOB because it can get really long for complex objects. It's just that whatever you are using to display results can't cope with that, but the text is there.

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