We've used the Ruby Rally API to create user stories, but these appear to by default be located at the top of the backlog. Is there a way to use the API / create and have it appear at the bottom of the backlog instead?


There is a REST endpoint in the Rally Webservices API to "rank above" or "rank below". For example, you can use the following REST request to re-rank a defect, relative to another Defect, whose reference you know:


The standard Rally Ruby REST API does not have access to this endpoint, unfortunately.

If you're interested however there is a new "alpha" Rally Ruby REST API that serializes requests using JSON and not XML. The "rankAbove and rankBelow" endpoints are available to the Ruby JSON API. Another advantage of the JSON-based Ruby API is that because JSON is so much more compact than XML, it offers performance benefits over the older XML-based Ruby REST API.


Adding to Mark's note, in rally_api (the new gem), you can query for objects sorted by rank to get the lowest item. Then if you have objectA that is lowest or a place holder story that is a cut line, you can call: someobject.rank_below(objectA)

  • Thank you both. We've successfully used the old Ruby REST API to get an ordered list of items, e.g. "rally.find_all(:hierarchical_requirement, :order => "rank ASC", :project => project, :fetch => true)". We'd also used the "artifact.update(:rank => rank)" to update the rank, so I might see if I can use both of these in conjunction with each other to achieve what I want with the old API. – user1141827 Apr 10 '12 at 22:22

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