When I import a project that started on Xcode 3 on Xcode 4, it ads another set of entries for the icons on the Info.plist file. Something like this:

enter image description here

and some times there is also another entry called "Icon file" (file on the singular, not plural), alone.

Are all these entries required?

Another question: why the launch images Default.png and [email protected] are added to the icon sections?

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You only need the entry Icon files (plural) with all your icons (57x57,72x72,114x114,144x144). You may delete the Icon files (iOS 5) as well as the Icon file (singular).

The Default.png's in that section is totally wrong and was maybe placed there because of a bug in Xcode.

  • Is there any reason I should delete the Icon files (iOS 5) entry? Is this explained anywhere? Thanks.
    – Lorenzo B
    Oct 15, 2014 at 8:06

Like Jonas said, you can delete the (iOS 5) part.

However, this is clearly a new addition, and most likely Apple is going forward with these changes for a reason.

I would clean it up and keep it for forward compatibility.


you do not have to specify @2x versions, they will be picked automatically for ipads,dev page here just list 1x versions in items there.
item 0: Icon - it is 57x57
item 1: Icon-72 - it is 72x72
item 2: Icon-Small - it is 29-29
item 3: Icon-Small-50 -it is 50x50

add these files in .png format to your proj as well as @2x so 8 of them all together.

add Default.png and its 2x version to proj too and in launch image specify only Default.png


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