I'm trying to use python with suds to connect to a microsoft exchange server, but I can't authenticate and download the services.wsdl file.

I have also tried just using urllib2 to try and connect, but that also fails. I can however authenticate and download the Outlook Web Access page.

I've tried using ntlm auth, but that also gives me a 401 error. Is there are way of checking what type of authenication I need, so I can check if I was using the type of auth in the first place.


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As specified in RFC 2617, "HTTP Authentication: Basic and Digest Access Authentication", the WWW-Authenticate response header tells you which method of authentication you should use in your request.

  • Thanks, using firefoxes live HTTP headers I found out the the Outlook web access page accepted both NTLM authentication and Basic authentication, while the services.wsdl page requires NTLM auth. Apr 8, 2012 at 20:46

You can use https://www.getpostman.com/apps to know the type of authentication. Hit the url once from this, then from the errors you will get to know the type of authentication.

  • How he postman application knows the authentication type. Is that telling based on the errors? I have to use the authentication type in postman that's why am looking for answers, but not automatically knows authentication type
    – Anbu
    Mar 20, 2020 at 9:43

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