I know this is a simple question, but how do I switch to netcat-traditional in ubuntu? Whenever I write netcat -h it appears that I am running netcat-openbsd instead? I'm new to Ubuntu so exact commands would be helpful. Thanks

  1. enable universe repository (if not enabled)

    sudo add-apt-repository universe

  2. Install the other netcat using synaptic. (To do this, the universe repository must be enabled.)

    sudo apt-get install netcat-traditional

  3. type sudo update-alternatives --config nc

  4. Select the option /bin/nc.traditional

  5. type nc -h


connect to somewhere:   nc [-options] hostname port[s] [ports] ...
listen for inbound: nc -l -p port [-options] [hostname] [port]
    -c shell commands   as `-e'; use /bin/sh to exec [dangerous!!]
    -e filename     program to exec after connect [dangerous!!]
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    Note: step 1 sudo apt-get install netcat – user153882 Jun 20 '17 at 15:43

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