I am executing below code successfully without any errors but when I am executing list_queue command it gives me no queue. Dont know where the problem is.

The below code is not giving error at all. My machine is windows 7 64x, installed AMPQ runtime 64bit and using 32x RabbitMq server v.2.8.1 .

private void createExchange(string message)
            var queName = Convert.ToString(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["clientQueue"]);
            var exchangeName = Convert.ToString(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["clientExchange"]);
            var hostName = Convert.ToString(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["host"]);

            _logger.Info("entered in create exchange");
            _logger.Info("queName: " + queName);
            _logger.Info("exchangeName: " + exchangeName);
            _logger.Info("hostName: " + hostName);
                var connectionFactory = new ConnectionFactory();
                connectionFactory.HostName = "localhost";
                connectionFactory.UserName = "user1";
                connectionFactory.Password = "userpassword";

                using (IConnection connection =
                    _logger.Info("Conncection created");
                    using (IModel model = connection.CreateModel())
                        _logger.Info("Model is created");
                        model.ExchangeDeclare(exchangeName, ExchangeType.Fanout, true);
                        model.QueueDeclare(queName, true, true, false, null);
                        model.QueueBind(queName, exchangeName, "", new Dictionary<string, object>());

                        IBasicProperties basicProperties = model.CreateBasicProperties();
                        model.BasicPublish(exchangeName, "", false, false,
                                           basicProperties, Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(message));
                        _logger.Info("message: " + message);
                        _logger.Info("message published");

            catch(Exception ex)
                _logger.Info("Error in create exchange");
                _logger.Info("InnerException:" + ex.InnerException);
                _logger.Info("Message:" + ex.Message);
                _logger.Info("StackTrace:" + ex.StackTrace);

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It appears as though you are declaring an 'exclusive' queue. Exclusive queues are exclusive to the connection and as such cannot be operated upon (including being listed) from another connection.


Model.QueueDeclare(queName, true, **false**, false, null)

If you want to be able to list it or do anything else with if from another connection.


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