I'm needing a fast method to read and store objects with pointers and pointers to pointers in xml files in c++ . Every object has it's own id , name , and class type.

  • Do you have pointers to the base or do you have pointers to the real objects? – TimW Jun 17 '09 at 14:41

You should build a map of pointers to IDs as you serialise your data.


You can't do it for pointers, you'll need to define some other method of identifying objects - like GUIDs or some other unique identifiers. In many cases you can just store the objects themselves instead of pointers.


Have you checked out boost::serialize?

I'm pretty sure that it automatically does one level of pointer indirection, and it is capable of writing a "form" of xml.


I've tried boost ,but for size of my project it's too big ( it's big , but it has high simplicity about 4-5 classes )

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