I have an SSIS package written in Visual Studio 2008 that runs a few stored procedures and places the results in files. These files are then sent off to a vendor. All of the files were created with header rows. One of these files should not be sent with a header row.

I'm not sure how to accomplish this.


I was writing my question while I was testing out an answer. I decided, since I hadn't seen the question on StackOverflow, I would just ask it anyway and then answer it with with what I found.

Here are the steps I took:

  • I removed the header row from the base file.
  • In the Flat File Connection Editor, I unchecked the Column names in the first data row box.
  • I previewed the file and it looked good.
  • In the Flat File destination editor, I remapped the columns.
  • I re-ran the package and the csv file was created without a header row.

Yes the trick is not to check the "Column names in the first data row" at the Flat File Connection Manager Editor

enter image description here

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