I am having a hard time using $_FILES

I want to check if file upload field is empty or not then apply a condition such that if file upload is empty then the script doesn't try uploading the file. How do I enforce this?


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if($_FILES["file"]["error"] != 0) {
//stands for any kind of errors happen during the uploading

also there is

if($_FILES["file"]["error"] == 4) {
//means there is no file uploaded

This should work

if ( ! empty($_FILES)) {...}
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    This worked for me to check wether the page has been called without posting a file. Most other solutions expect the 'file' index to be present and throw a notice.
    – Aviator
    Jun 29, 2015 at 7:11

The other answers didn't work for me. So I post my solution:

    //No file selected

Here's what worked for me:

if ($_FILES['theFile']['tmp_name']!='') {
    // do this, upload file
} // if no file selected to upload, file isn't uploaded.

You can use the UPLOAD_ERR_NO_FILE value:

function isset_file($file) {
    return (isset($file) && $file['error'] != UPLOAD_ERR_NO_FILE);

if(isset_file($_FILES['input_name'])) {
    // It's not empty

Updated: Since sending $_FILES['input_name'] may throw a Notice

function isset_file($name) {
    return (isset($_FILES[$name]) && $_FILES[$name]['error'] != UPLOAD_ERR_NO_FILE);

if(isset_file('input_name')) {
    // It's not empty

this question is duplicate but your answer is is_uploade_file() function.

  • No. The function is to check whether the file is uploaded successfully, not check if empty. If the file is not empty but unable to upload (e.g. due to permission, file size restriction, etc.), the function still returns false (failure).
    – Raptor
    Oct 14, 2019 at 9:50
if(!empty($_FILES['myFileField'])) {
    // file field is not empty..
} else {
    // no file uploaded..

To check if an input of type file is empty you will have to take any of $_FILES arrays and check it against an empty array. All that I have seen above is check against an empty string which will not work. Example:

if($_FILES["your_field_name"]["size"] == [' '])
Perform your validation here•

I hope this helps.

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