I noticed you guys are planning on adding more ORM features into your platform, but in the meantime, is there an easy way to extend your Collections with Mongoose Collections?

  • Is this something you wanted serverside only? Apr 19 '12 at 20:43

You should be able to add:

npm install mongoose

To "admin/generate-dev-bundle.sh"

You can then create a new package and require mongoose, within that you can assign the method to: Meteor.mongoose too and connect to the MONGO_URL (This is Meteors database) for this command. Take a look round the other packages if you need some help.

I did the sample work in this branch: https://github.com/jonathanKingston/meteor/tree/mongoose

This is 100% untested as I'm on a windows machine at the moment but it should open up: Meteor.mongoose and just normal mongoose for the standard use as explained here but already connected: https://github.com/LearnBoost/mongoose#readme


an issue with mongoose is that it won't work on the client. So you'll lose much of the benefit of using Meteor.

Take a look at Collections2 it offers validation and structure.

Good luck!

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