I have one dialog where user can perform activity like

"Add to Order" "Show Item Detail in Full Screen" "Perform Scrolling"

how do i show this choices in Activity Diagram user can perform any of this task as optional.

i though of using Fork/Join but isnt't it for parallel activity and these three seems not parallel activity please some one clear it :)


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Use Decision node and Merge node.

multi decision


Use Decision node and Merge node.

They are equivalent to if/then/else (or switch) statements.

For parallel activities there are Fork and Join

See the screenshot below (from VisualParadigm)

enter image description here


I'll like to add up one thing here that as its optional for user to explore any option so you can make an arrow from merge node back to first decision node.... as its upto user that whether aftr exploring one option, he wants to exit or explore another option

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