How can I configure Django with SQLAlchemy?


You can use SQLAlchemy within a Django project with Aldjemy:


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    Aldjemy is very good - super easy to get working seems well maintained. A newer project github.com/shosca/django-sorcery also exists, which does most of django and has an in-progress version of django-admin as well (at the time of writing) - initial screenshots look promising. A django-rest-sqlalchemy edition also exists alongside django-sorcery – Damian Apr 4 '19 at 18:43

Check this:

Replacing django orm


alchemy? :)

Google links:


Please find this little tutorial on how to use SQLAlchemy with Django


There are many benefits of using SQLAlchemy instead of Django ORM, but consider developing a built-in-Django choice of SQLAlchemy (to have something called a production ready)

By the way, Django ORM is going better - in Django 1.11 they added UNION support (a SQL basic operator), so maybe some day there will be no need to change ORM.