Hey people would love to hear about any resources you have or know about for nServiceBus, Rhino Service Bus and MassTransit.

  • Videos?
  • Blog posts?
  • Books?
  • Demo Projects etc

The discussion group at Google Groups is a very good resource.

So far I have written three articles about nServiceBus at ArtOfBabel.com:

A few more articles should be available soon too.


If you are interested in masstransit you can have a look at:

Getting Started and Documentation

Elegant code Podcast
if you are using structure map

Dru Sellers Blog Chris Patterson Blog Their Google Groups

at some point you'll get to http://codebetter.com/blogs/dru.sellers/archive/2009/01/11/topshelf.aspx

Hope it helps


Both Udi Dahan and Andreas Öhlund blog alot about NServiceBus

Also, try the Twitter hash tag #NServiceBus







Some technical sessions (video) by Udi Dahan related to SOA and NServiceBus:

Not 100% relevant but worth watching but something which goes hand in hand:


The NServiceBus documentation is a great resource to get started with NSB. This covers the basics of getting started and walks you through the sample projects that come with NSB before moving on to cover the main topics you will need to use NSB in production. This must be read by anyone starting out with NSB! You can find it here:


There are official NServiceBus commercial training courses available in locations across the world. You can also arrange for custom on-site courses or follow the official on-line training videos. There are details on the NSB site at the link below or on on Udi Dahan's blog here.


Udi has also made videos of the Advanced Distributed Design commercial courses available. Whilst not specifically NSB, this is closely related and you can buy the videos here or follow the link from this blog article.

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