I'm trying to generate a comment on a single line at the end of an HTML file:

<!-- generated by SERVER1 -->

I have tried

  generated by #{@server_name}

But this outputs it over 3 lines -

    generated by SERVER1 

I've tried

/ generated by #{@server_name}

But that doesn't evaluate the @server_name var -

<!-- generated by #{@server_name} -->

Any ideas?


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Just as you can drop back to raw HTML output when you want, so you can drop in raw HTML comments, even with interpolation.

This template:

- @foo = 42
    Hello #{@foo}
  <!-- Hello #{@foo} -->

Produces this output:

<div id='test1'>
    Hello 42
<div id='test2'>
  <!-- Hello 42 -->

Tested with Haml v3.1.4 (Separated Sally)


It's still an open issue: github.com/haml/haml/issues/313. I think you're stuck with the multiline comment for now, even though nex3 says single line interpolation should work.

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