I'm trying to build the following query with propel critiera:

FROM mytable
WHERE facility_id IN (4,7)
GROUP BY housing_id
HAVING COUNT(DISTINCT facility_id) = 2;

Propel Criteria:

$criteria->add(HousingsHousingFacilitiesPeer::HOUSING_FACILITY_ID, $facility_filter, Criteria::IN);


    'COUNT(DISTINCT housings_housing_facilities.HOUSING_FACILITY_ID) = 2',

But the query does net return any results.

Am I using the Custom criteria correctly?

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At first check, your count distinct seems wrong:

'COUNT(DISTINCT HousingsHousingFacilitiesPeer::HOUSING_FACILITY_ID) = 2'

If it's just a bad c/p, regarding this snippet, you might do:

$c = new Criteria();
$c->add(HousingsHousingFacilitiesPeer::HOUSING_FACILITY_ID, $facility_filter, Criteria::IN);
$c->addAsColumn('numFacilities', 'COUNT(DISTINCT '.HousingsHousingFacilitiesPeer::HOUSING_FACILITY_ID.')');
$c->addHaving($c->getNewCriterion(HousingsHousingFacilitiesPeer::ID, 'numArticles=2', Criteria::CUSTOM));

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